So what makes
us stand out!
• We only supply registered PSIRA Security Officers.
• Our guards receive special in house training over and above PSIRA requirements.
• Clients can select between the different grades.
• We offer Specific site requirements.
depending on your needs.
Using Technology to our Advantage!
• Offsite monitoring 365/24/7
• Every guard is equipped with a tracking device that cannot be tampered with.
• Our control room actively tracks each security officer’s every move by means of real time monitoring.
• Accuracy up to 1 square metre.
• Moment by moment management of security personnel.
• Detailed patrol reporting and backup data.
• Patrol monitoring, inspector visits, automatic verification with PSIRA.
• Panic button via iButton technology for immediate and swift backup.


Diplomat Security Solutions delivers the highest quality of professional private security services based on trust and confidence.

Prevention is a Secure Solution!


Diplomat Security specialize in highly trained, highly skilled security officers in conjunction with top of the range monitoring and tracking systems. With our intensive in house training, exceeding PSIRA’s requirements all our guards, site supervisors and managers are, tracked by our control room using a recorded real time tracking and monitoring system.

We at Diplomat Security offer a holistic solution within our guarding division. We offer armed and unarmed guards. Clients would select between the different grades - D being a patrolling Guard and C Access control, this is an important function at your main entrances with guards needed to speak fluently. Grades A – B are generally armed guards or site supervisors to handle any complex admin functions. Our guarding can also include functions and event management should you require.